Wondering how to take screenshots on PC browsers like Chrome or Firefox, Well, you can use the built-in Snipping tool or Snip & Sketch tool on your Windows OS machines. However, there are dedicated apps or extensions available to take screenshots on browsers alone. Among them, Awesome Screenshot is one of the highly-rated and most downloaded tools that you can find. Apart from screenshots, you can also record the things happening on your browser and other screens.

Price and Supported Devices

In terms of compatibility, Awesome Screenshot support browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Both Mac & Windows users can download the extension directly from the Chrome web store and Firefox Addons store. iOS users can add Awesome Screenshot as an extension for the Safari browser. But, their iPhone or iPad must run on iOS 8 and later to add the extension.

Awesome Screenshot Price

On the pricing front, you can use the Awesome Screenshot app as a free tool or premium tool. The premium version is available in three versions:

Team5 users – $40
10 users – $80
15 users – $120
20 users – $160
30 users – $240
5 users
10 users
15 users
20 users
30 users

The key differences between free and premium version are

Take and save screenshots in one project folderSupports unlimited project folders to save your screenshots
You can save only 30 screenshots in your project foldersSave unlimited screenshots on your folder
The image editor presents only a few basic editing optionsSeveral advanced editing options
Save your screenshots on Google DriveSupports Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box
You can record and access only 20 videosRecord unlimited videos (Basic plan – 20 videos)
You can record videos only for 5 minutesRecord videos without any time limit
Record videos up to 720p resolutionRecord videos up to 1080p resolution (Basic plan – 720p)
Doesn’t support any integrationSupports integrating with services like Slack, Trello, Asana, GitHub, and Jira (not applicable for the Basic plan)

How to Use Awesome Screenshot

At first, you need to add an Awesome Screenshot extension or plugin on your web browser. Visit the respective addons or plugin store and add the tool to your browser.

After downloading it, tap the extension and select Upgrade if you want to unlock the premium version. Regardless of the platform, the below-mentioned procedure remains the same for both browsers.

Awesome screenshot extension

Take Screenshots

To take screenshots, tap the Capture menu and select your preferred screenshot mode:

  • Visible part
  • Full Page
  • Selected Area
  • The visible part after a delay (up to 3 seconds)
  • Entire screen & app window

Select your mode and then capture the region. If you have selected the “Selected Area” menu, capture the region with the help of crosshair, and select Capture.

take screenshots using awesome screenshot

The image will open on the Awesome Screenshot editor automatically. Customize your screenshot with the help of tools displayed on the editor and click Done.

take screenshots using awesome screenshot

On the right-side menu panel, you will have the following menus:

  • Store screenshot locally on your device as an image or PDF.
  • Save screenshot to Awesome Screenshot and create a shareable link
  • Print the screenshot
  • Copy screenshot to clipboard
  • Save screenshot on cloud storage
take screenshots using awesome screenshot

While downloading as an image, you can save it only in PNG format. You can access your screenshots later by visiting My Screenshots section on awesomescreenshot.com or click the extension and select Screenshots located next to your profile name (only if you have stored the screenshots on awesomescreenshot.com).

Capture other apps screen

  • Open the app screen that you want to capture.
  • Without minimizing the app, launch the browser from the taskbar.
  • Click the Awesome screenshot extension and select the Entire screen & app window section.
  • Tap Application Window and then, select your app.
  • Click Share, and the image will open on the online editor.
take screenshots

Record Screen

Similar to screenshots, your browser screen, and other screens can be recorded from the extension. Select the Record section on the extension and choose your mode

  • Desktop
  • This Tab
  • Cam Only
Record screen

Before recording, select video resolution, Microphone access, and storage location for your video (cloud or local). Tap Start Recording and then record your screen. Once recorded, click Stop Sharing, and the video will open on the editor automatically. Click the Download icon located below the video to save it locally.

Wrapping Up

Should I buy Awesome Screenshot? The answer is up to you. The awesome screenshot is more than handy to use on your desktops. But, tools like ShareX and Screenpresso provides all the facilities mentioned above without charging any cost. Moreover, they are available as a standalone tool. Hence, the final decision is in your hands.