In General, it is difficult to find a Windows tool that supports screen capture and screen recording ability. Even if you found, they may lack some of the advanced features like cloud-storage support. If you haven’t about Droplr, this is the right time to learn about its advantages. Droplr supports both screen capture/screen recording and Cloud storage ability. You can take screenshots on Windows and upload them directly to your Droplr cloud account. Apart from that, you can also drag and drop other locally stored images or audio files to your Droplr account. Let’s discuss more about Droplr in detail.


Integrations – Droplr supports integrating with several apps like Gmail, Slack, Trello, Intercom, Photoshop, Google Docs, Sketch, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, and Jira.

Droplr Cloud account – All your screenshots and recordings will be stored automatically to your personal Droplr account. From there, you can download the screenshots in the PNG format (Video – WebM).

Share screenshot as URL – From your Droplr cloud account, you can get a shortened URL for your screenshots and recordings. By sharing the URL, your friends and family members view your files with ease.

Edit images – The image editor lets you add lines, circles, boxes, arrows, emojis on your screenshots easily.

Customizable hotkeys – Like other apps, Droplr also presents customizable hotkeys to complete your process with ease.

Supported Platforms and Price

Droplr is available for Windows and macOS platforms. The extension version is available for browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. In terms of pricing, Droplr is available in four different versions.

PlanMonthly subscriptionAnnual subscription
Pro Plus$7$66
Team (up to 15 members)$5/per user$60
Enterprise$5/per userWill vary depending on the number of users

To download the app and sign up for the premium service, visit Droplr’s official site. Depending on the package that you purchased, the features will vary.

Shortcut Keys on Droplr

Here are the shortcut keys that you can use on Droplr:

DashboardShift + Alt + D
ScreenshotShift + Alt + 4
Screenshot with annotationShift + Alt + 3
Fullscreen screenshotShift + Alt + 6
Fullscreen screenshot with annotationShift + Alt + 7
Record ScreenShift + Alt + 2
Record screen as GIFShift + Alt + 5
Share the fileShift + Alt + 1
Share the folderShift + Alt + F
Share the contents copied on the clipboardSpace bar + Alt + D
Compose note Shift + Alt + N
Share code snippetShift + Alt + C

Note – You can customize these Hotkeys according to your convenient.

How to Take Screenshots using Droplr

Once you installed the app, you can access all the features right from the system tray. Click the Droplr icon and choose your Screenshot mode. Upon selecting the area, the screenshot will upload to your Droplr cloud account automatically. Simply press Shift + Alt + D on your keyboard to launch the dashboard immediately. The dashboard will open on your default web browser.

If you have selected the screenshot mode with a markup option, the image will open up with some markup options. By clicking on the Save option, it will upload to the cloud account.

On your dashboard, the screenshot will appear along with its shortened URL. Hover to the image and tap on View File.

Droplr Dashboard

Tap Markup if you want to make any changes or simply tap Download to save the image locally.

Droplr - Save Screenshot

How to Record Screen

Just like Screenshot, you can access screen recording abilities right from the system tray. Tap the Droplr icon and click Screencast.

Note – If you want to record as GIF, select Screencast as GIF.

Record screen using droplr

Select whether you want to record the entire region or particular region of the screen. Choose the option that you want and click START RECORDING. To stop recording, tap the red-colored pause icon that you locate at the screen’s bottom right corner.

Record screen

Droplr Chrome Extension

As we mentioned earlier, Droplr is also available as an extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Head to the Chrome web store and add this extension to snap the important things while browsing. One of the biggest advantages of extension is that you can choose to save the image locally.

chrome extension

You can use the extension to capture the selected region of the browser screen, application window, full screen, and entire page. When it comes to recording, you can choose to record the browser screen or other application screen. You can also download the extension on the Microsoft Edge browser.

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Final Words

Droplr has all the features that you can look for a screen capture tool. Even though it seems costlier, Cloud storage support enhances its functionality. The only disadvantage with this tool is that the image editor lacks advanced editing options. At the same time, you can’t edit the videos that you recorded. You will need a third-party editor to customize your file.