Screenshots are very handy to report a Windows error quickly and accurately. For Windows, there are several third-party Screenshot tools available online, including free and paid tools. Among them, FastStone is one of the premium tools you can use to capture or record anything on your Windows screen, either the full screen or particular portion of the screen. Windows users who are in search of the best Snipping tool alternative can download this tool to complete their screenshot requirements. The output images can be stored in different formats like PNG, TGA, TIFF, PDF, GIF, BMP, PCX, and JPEG. Whereas, the video will be stored in the WMV format. Just like other screenshot tools, you can use hotkeys to take screenshots and record screen easily.


As we said earlier, FastStone Screen Capture is not a free application, and the free trial version works only for 30 days. When it comes to pricing, it is available only as a lifetime license. It costs a one-time payment of $19.95 for one computer and $49.95 for five computers. It is also available as FastStone Image Viewer, MaxView, and Photo Resizer, which costs $34.95, $19.95, and $19.95.

FastStone Screen Capture Price

Visit the official website of FastStone ( to purchase the lifetime version and to download the free trial. You can unlock the premium version directly from the free version. You don’t need to download any additional software. FastStone will push regular updates to improve the features.

Highlights of FastStone Screen Capture

Add Watermark – You can add customized watermark to your screenshots with ease. FastStone Screen Capture also presents features to add watermark on the images that you’ve stored locally.

Record on-screen activities – The FastStone screen recorder helps you record all kinds of on-screen activities. The video editor helps you to improvise the video by presenting options to add annotations, filters, and more. You can even convert the recorded video files into GIF formats.

Scrolling capture – It is a common feature that you can find in all kinds of screenshot tools. It helps you to capture the long web pages or documents on your computer

Built-in image/video editor – FastStone Screen Capture comes with a pre-installed tool to edit the screenshots and videos that you took on Windows.

Customise the default location – Assign a default location to save your screenshots and videos automatically. Head to Settings, select AutoSave, select an output folder, and then save your files automatically.

change output location on Faststone screen capture

FastStone Screen Capture – Shortcut keys

Here are the shortcut keys that will be assigned automatically for taking screenshots:

  • Alt+PrtSc – Capture active window
  • Shift+PrtSc – Capture window/object
  • Ctrl+PrtSc – Capture rectangular region
  • Ctrl+Shift+PrtSc – Capture freehand region
  • PrtSc – Capture fullscreen
  • Ctrl+Alt+PrtSc – Capture scrolling window
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+PrtSc – Capture Fixed-Size Region

To change the pre-assigned shortcuts:

  • Right-click the FastStone logo on your Windows toolbar.
  • Select Settings.
  • Click the Hotkey section and change the shortcuts according to your wish.
Change Hotkeys on FastStone screen capture

How to take and save screenshots using FastStone Screen Capture

By default, FastStone Screen Capture will display a Capture Panel, which provides quick access to take screenshots.

FastStone - Capture Panel

Select the screenshot mode that you want and capture the screenshot. You can also use the above-mentioned shortcut keys for screenshots.

Take screenshot

After capturing the screenshot, it will open up on the editor automatically. You can add a few changes to your image with the help of the editor. Here are the editing tools available in the FastStone editor,

  • Rectangular text box [F3]
  • Oval text box [Ctrl+F3]
  • Text [F4]
  • Step numbers [F5]
  • Line [F6]
  • Fancy line [Ctrl+F6]
  • Pencil [F7]
  • Eraser [Ctrl+F7]
  • L-Line [F8]
  • Polyline [Ctrl+F8]
  • Rectangle [F9]
  • Filled rectangle [Ctrl+F9]
  • Oval [F10]
  • Filled oval [Ctrl+F10]
  • Line Highlighter [F11]
  • Highlighter [F12]
  • Fill with color
  • Blur
  • Bracket
  • Insert mouse pointer
  • Inset image
  • Magnifier
  • Expand Canvas [Ctrl+Q]
  • Delete object

Note – The shortcuts keys mentioned next to the tool will work only while using the editor.

Image editor

Make use of the tools to customize your image and then save the screenshots in your preferred format. Apart from these editing tools, FastStone editor also presents options to Email, Print, and open Screenshots on MS Office apps.

While using the Scrolling capture, the app will scroll the web page or document automatically. You just have to press ESC on your keyboard to stop the capture.

How to Record Videos

Unlike screenshots, FastStone doesn’t provide any shortcut keys to record the video. Instead, you need to tap the Screen Recorder icon on the capture panel or right-click the FastStone logo on the toolbar and select Screen Recorder.

Record videos

Now, select your recording mode. The app will present you six options:

  • Window/Object
  • Rectangular Region
  • Fixed-Size Region
  • Full Screen Without Taskbar
  • Full Screen
  • Repeat Last Region

Select whether you want to record the microphone audio. After selecting your choices, click Record.

Record videos using FastStone screen capture

Press Start and record your on-screen activities. To pause or resume a video, simply press Ctrl+F10. Meanwhile, press F5 to zoom in/out of the screen while recording.

Record videos

Once you complete the recording, press the Stop icon and click Save. Select your destination and store the video file in WMV format.

Record videos using FastStone screen capture

Summing Up

Before purchasing the premium version, it is advisable to use the trial version in order to test the features. Make use of the free trial and mention your feedback. If you decided to replace the Snipping Tool on your Window, you could go for free tools like Lightshot, Greenshot, ScreenPresso (free version), and a few more. If you want to buy a premium tool, FastStone is a worthy tool to use.