Searching for a lightweight and simplistic tool to snap the important things on your Windows screen? Gadwin PrintScreen deserves a chance. The application is suitable to save your screenshots locally, copy the screenshots to the clipboard or send it directly to your printer. Like other Screenshot tools, it presents a set of hotkeys to take a screenshot on Windows easily and quickly. You can choose to capture either the full screen or a particular region of the screen. Along with customization abilities, it presents different formats (JPEG, TIFF, BITMAP, PNG, GIF) to store the image. You can also set the default resolution along with the capture quality and aspect ratio.

Gadwin PrintScreen Pro

Gadwin PrintScreen is available in two forms: free and Pro version. Priced at $25 (one-time payment), the pro version brings editing and annotation features to the table. The editing features include arrows, blur, zoom, texts, borders, and much more to customize the image. The pro version also works slightly faster than the free version to save your capture settings as a profile. You can set up profiles to save your settings, effects, watermarks, and more.

Note – Gadwin PrintScreen is only available for Windows computers. For other platforms, you need to look out for other tools.

How to Use Gadwin PrintScreen

To download Gadwin PrintScreen, head to the official site of Gadwin (, download the installer file and install it on your Windows. Once installed, launch it, and a small system tray will appear on the screen.

How to use Gadwin PrintScreen

With Gadwin, you can take screenshots in three different modes: Fullscreen (Print Screen), Window (Shift + Print Screen), Rectangular area (Ctrl + Print Screen). Choose your mode on the tray and select the area that you want to capture. Use the cross-hair to select the edges accurately. After choosing the area, click the Tick mark.

The screenshot will open on the editor automatically. The UI of the editor may look similar to MS Word. By tapping on the Annotation tools menu, the editing options text, highlighter, and a few more will appear. Make use of it to customize the screenshot.

How to use Gadwin PrintScreen

Once completed, click the File menu on the top right corner and select your preference. You can either store the image locally or send it to the printer. If you want, you can also copy it to the clipboard.

How to use Gadwin PrintScreen

Things to consider

Despite having several screenshot features, Gadwin PrintScreen lacks several important features:

  • You can’t use this tool to screenshot the long web page or document.
  • While saving the image, it presents only a few formats.
  • The image editor on the Pro version lacks some of the advanced editing tools.
  • You can’t set a default location to store your image. You have to select the location manually every time.

Overall, Gadwin PrintScreen is a simple tool to take basic screenshots. Even in the pro version, the editing options are inadequate and outdated. If you’re looking for an advanced tool, try Screenpresso on your Windows. Notably, the free version of Screenpresso more provides features, including screen recording ability.

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