Greenshot is an open-source and lightweight utility that lets you take screenshots on your devices. Apart from taking screenshots, it also comes with a built-in image editor to customize the screenshots according to your need. Whether you want to take screenshots of the selected region, active window, or full screen, Greenshot provides all the necessary features. You can export the screenshots in different formats like PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF, GREENSHOT, and ICO.



Here are some great features of Greenshot.

Capture last region – The main advantage of installing Greenshot is that you can use this tool to re-capture the image that was captured before.

Image Editor – The built-in image editor contains various editing tools like crop, rectangle, line, highlighter, and more.

Microsoft Outlook integration – You can configure Microsoft Outlook with the Greenshot app to share the screenshots directly.

Capture internet explorer – Greenshot comes with dedicated tools and shortcuts to capture the web pages on the Internet Explorer web browser.

Assign hotkeys – When you aren’t comfortable with the default shortcut keys, you can easily change the hotkeys to take screenshots.

Supported Devices

When it comes to compatibility, Greenshot supports only on Windows and macOS platforms. Unlike Lighshot, Greenshot is not available for Android, iOS, and web browsers. Windows users can download the app directly from the official website of Greenshot, whereas the Mac version is downloadable from the Mac App Store.

Download Greenshot

The only drawback with the Mac version is that you need to pay $1.99 before downloading this tool. While comparing with the Windows version, the features in Mac are limited, and the developers are working to add all the features.

How to Use Greenshot?

Like other screenshot tools, Greenshot supports taking screenshots by using the shortcut keys. Here are the shortcut keys that are assigned by default:

Capture regionPrnt scrnCommand + Shift + 4
Capture windowAlt + Prnt scrnCommand + Shift + 4 and then space bar
Capture fullscreenCtrl + Prnt scrnCommand + Shift + 3

After taking the screenshot, it displays the following options:

  • Save as – save the screenshot on your preferred location in any format.
  • Save directly – save the screenshot on the assigned location and format (the location and format can be changed on settings).
  • Open in image editor – customize the screenshot with various editing tools.
  • Copy to clipboard – copy the screenshot to clipboard and paste it anywhere on your computer.
  • Send to printer – print the screenshot directly from the app.
  • Microsoft Outlook – share the screenshot via Outlook.
  • Microsoft OneNote – open screenshot in OneNote.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint – open screenshot in MS Powerpoint.
  • Microsoft Word – open screenshot in MS Word.
  • Microsoft Excel – open screenshot in Excel.
  • MS Paint – open and edit screenshot in MS Paint.
  • Upload to Imgur – upload screenshot to Imgur, an online image sharing community
  • Close – close the utility.
How to use Greenshot

Customise the Settings of Greenshot

Like other screenshot tools, Greenshot provides features to change the hotkeys, default location, and default image format. To change those settings, right-click the Greenshot icon on the toolbar and select the Preferences menu.

How to use Greenshot

Select the General section and change the shortcut keys under the hotkey section. You can change shortcuts to capture full screen, windows, region, last region, and internet explorer. You can also change the app language and icon size in the general section.

How to use Greenshot

To change the default output location, tap the Output section, and select your desired location. Greenshot also provides to change the pattern of the filename and quality of the image.

How to use Greenshot

The option to enable/disable notifications, show magnifier, play camera sound, display capture mouse pointer, and enable/disable internet explorer capture are located under the Capture section.

How to use

Tools in Built-in Image Editor

The built-in image editor of Greenshot comes with the following tools:

  • Selection Tool
  • Draw rectangle
  • Draw ellipse
  • Draw line
  • Draw arrow
  • Draw freehand
  • Add textbox
  • Add speechbubble
  • Add counter
  • Highlight
  • Obfuscate
  • Effects
  • Crop
  • Rotate clockwise
  • Rotate counter-clockwise
  • Resize
Image Editor

Final Words

Greenshot is an advanced and free snipping tool for Windows and Mac users. The lack of support for PC browsers and smartphones is the only drawback of it. Apart from that, Greenshot is highly recommended to use. Try this tool and share your feedback.