Looking for a simplistic tool to take a screenshot on Windows and Linux platforms? Without surfing too much, download and install Lightscreen screen capture tools. By taking control of the Prnt Scrn key, it presents the easiest options to capture the important things on your screen. You can install and use this app without any cost. However, it lacks support for a built-in editor, a common feature that you can find on most of the screenshot tools. Despite that, the lightweight nature and easiest screen capturing enhance its functionality among the users.

Features of Lightscreen

Hotkeys – Like Snipping Tool on Windows PC/laptop, all the functions of the Lightscreen can be accessed easily with the help of shortcut keys. Moreover, users can change the keys according to their preferences.

Upload images to Imgur – One of the significant advantages of installing Lightscreen is that you can upload your screenshots quickly on the Imgur service for future access.

System tray – Lightscreen presents a simple UI and system tray to access all the screenshot modes (full screen, selected area, and active window).

Lightscreen System Tray

Preview your screenshot – You can preview your screenshots with the help of an integrated image viewer.


Highly customizable – Lightscreen app can be customized according to your convenience. You can change the default storing location, output format, image quality, and hotkeys.

Image formats – Currently, Lightscreen supports only three image formats (JPG, PNG, and BMP). If you want more formats, you have to look for other tools like FastStone, Greenshot, etc.

How to Use Lightscreen

Both Windows and Linux versions of Lightscreen can be downloaded directly from its official website. Just like other Screenshot tools, you can use specific hotkeys to take the screenshots. You can also modify the shortcut keys according to your preference.

  • Fullscreen – Print Screen
  • Selected area – CTRL + Print Screen
  • Active Window – ALT + Print Screen
  • Window Picker – CTRL + ALT + Print Screen

You can also take screenshots right from your Windows toolbar. Right-click the Lightscreen icon, select Screenshot, and then choose your preferred mode. It also displays a system tray to take screenshots easily.

How to use Lightscreen

The lack of an image editor means the screenshot will be stored on your device automatically. You can choose a default location to save your images (Lightscreen > Options > General).

Apart from saving images on your desktop or laptop, you can also configure Lightscreen to upload screenshots on Imgur, a popular image sharing platform.

  • Go to Lightscreen.
  • Select the Options menu.
  • Under the Upload section, enable the box which notifying Upload all my screenshots automatically.
  • Click OK.
Upload screenshots to Imgur

Final Words

Lightscreen may not be an excellent option for advanced users like graphic designers, app developers, and more. Even you can’t take a screenshot of scrolling windows. However, it is perfect for the people who want to take screenshots quickly and don’t want to customize the screenshot.

Have you tried this simple tool on your Windows or Linux platform? If you have tried, mention all your feedback in the comments box.