If you’re in search of the best screenshot tools for Windows and Mac, you may have come across a tool called Monosnap. More than a screenshot and screen recording tool, it functions like cloud storage to secure your things. Whether you want to copy the screenshot to the clipboard, store it locally or upload it to the cloud, Monosnap has all the features you’re looking for. While comparing with other tools, you can capture screenshots more accurately with the magnifier up to 8x. You can download and use the app without providing any login credentials. But, you have to provide the necessary details if you have to use cloud support.

Price and Available Devices

Currently, Monosnap is available as a standalone tool for Windows and Mac OS devices. Unlike Lightshot, you can’t find support for smartphones. Monosnap is also available as an extension for the Chrome browser. You can download it from the Chrome web store to capture the important information while browsing.

In terms of pricing, Monosnap is available in three forms: Free, Non-Commercial, and Commercial. The free version is ideal for personal use, whereas the premium versions are ideal for business users. The major difference between the two versions is that the premium versions support integrating with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Yandex, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Evernote, and S3 Compatible Storage. It also provides extra cloud storage up to 10 GB. The non-commercial version costs $3 per month ($2.50/month if billed yearly), and the commercial version costs $10/month ($5/month if billed annually).

monosnap price

Features of Monosnap

Here are some of the major highlights of the Monosnap tool:

  • Integrate several cloud-storage like Evernote, Amazon S3, Yandex, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.
  • You can record videos for unlimited time without any limits or restrictions.
  • Monosnap offers 2 GB of free cloud storage to store your screenshots and recordings. You can also upload the locally stored pictures and video files to the cloud. The storage size will be increased while purchasing commercial ones.
  • Integrate your Zoom meeting account with the Monosnap and snip the crucial things during online meetings.
  • You can use the email support to clear all your related to the app.
  • Customizable hotkeys to complete the process quickly and easily.

Note – The features may vary depending on the version that you’re using.

How to use Monosnap?

After installing the Monosnap app from its official website, an icon will appear on the system tray. By clicking on that icon, you will have features to

  • Take a screenshot (full screen or a particular area).
  • Record screen
  • Open image from the clipboard
  • Upload file to the cloud
  • View the latest uploads
how to use monosnap

If you want to take the screenshot, select the Capture area or Capture fullscreen menu, depending on your need. If you have chosen the first one, select the area you want, and the screenshot will automatically open on the editor. Whereas, if you have chosen the fullscreen option, Monosnap will automatically capture and display the image on the editor. The editor supports few editing options like adding text, shapes, and arrow. You can also crop the unwanted portion or blur the personal details with the help of the editor. Make use of these options to highlight the important portions of the image.

Finally, click Save to store the screenshot locally. You can store images only in JPG and PNG format. If you want to upload the screenshot to the Monosnap cloud, click the Upload icon and log in to your Monosnap user account (first time only).

take screenshots

To record videos, click the Monosnap icon on the system tray and select Record Video. By default, the tool will prompt to record the entire screen. To record the selected area of the screen, tap the Switch to Area mode icon. You will have options to pause/stop the recording, enable/disable Webcam, and add shapes like an arrow, box, and free form on the left-hand side.

record screen using monosnap

While using the area mode, you can select the required area by dragging the edges according to your convenience. By clicking on the Settings icon, you will have options to include/exclude the mouse cursor, choose video quality & FPS (frames per second). With everything in ready, click Start Recording and record all your things. Once recorded, click the Stop icon on the right-side panel, and the video will open on the editor within a few minutes. Like screenshots, you can either save the video locally on your computer (only in .mp4 format) or upload it to the cloud storage. However, there is no option or tool to edit the recorded videos.

Chrome extension

The Monosnap chrome extension works similarly to the standalone app that you installed. You can capture and record both the Chrome screen & other apps screen.

  • Add Monosnap extension to your browser from the chrome web store.
  • Click the extension and select the mode that you want.
  • Select the area, and the screenshot/video preview will appear on the screen.
  • Save it locally or upload it to the Monosnap cloud or any other cloud storage.
chrome extension

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Should I Download Monosnap?

Yes, definitely. You should try Monosnap to take screenshots regardless of personal or business purposes. Moreover, the premium versions also look cheaper than other tools. The major drawback with Monosnap is that it lacks scrolling web page capture, video editing options, and advanced image editing options. Hence, it is advisable to use the free version before unlocking the premium ones.