While surfing the internet, you may find a lot of information that deserved to be stored for future use. On Smartphones, you can save them easily by taking screenshots with pre-configured shortcuts. On Windows and macOS, you need to rely on the built-in Snipping Tool or the third-party tools. Apart from those tools, you can find some browser extensions which let you save the important things on your browser with ease. Among them, Nimbus Screen Capture is one of the extensions which lets you record browser screen and take screenshots (browser and other desktop apps). Like other screenshot tools or extensions, Nimbus also has few editing tools which you can use to edit the screenshots. Whether it is an entire web page, the specific portion of a web page, or another app window, Nimbus Screen Capture provides necessary features for screenshot and recording.

Supported Browsers and Price

Currently, Nimbus Screen Capture & Video Recorder is available for the following browsers:

NOTE – The screen recording feature is not available for the Firefox version.

Just head to the respective addons store and add the extension to your browser. On the pricing front, Nimbus Screenshot tool is available in three versions:

  • Personal Solo – $19.99/year (one user)
  • Business/Teams – $50.00/year (five users)
  • Personal Combo – $24.99/year (one user)
Nimbus Screenshot Price

While purchasing the Personal Combo plan, you will also get access to Nimbus Note, a reliable app to take notes on your desktop or laptop. The free version of Nimbus lacks the following features

  • Convert the recorder video to MP4 or GIF
  • Video editing tools like crop, trim and few more
  • Sending the recorded video to YouTube
  • Sending images and videos to cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack
  • Adding watermark to your screenshot and video

Nimbus Screenshot – Hotkeys

Like other tools, Nimbus also certain Hotkeys and shortcuts for screenshots

Function Hotkeys
The visible part of the pageCTRL + SHIFT + 1
Capture FragmentCTRL + SHIFT + 6
Selected areaCTRL + SHIFT + 2
Selected & ScrollCTRL + SHIFT + 3
Entire pageCTRL + SHIFT + 4
Desktop screenshotCTRL + SHIFT + 5
Start the recording tab or web pageCTRL + SHIFT + 7
Start recording the desktopCTRL + SHIFT + 8
Stop the video recordingCTRL + SHIFT + 9
Pause/resume the video recordingCTRL + SHIFT + 0
Send images or videos to Nimbus/SlackCTRL + SHIFT + ENTER

The above-mentioned hotkeys can be customized according to your convenience.

How to Use Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screen Capture tool or extension is very simple to use. All the available features can be accessed by simply clicking the extension that you added on the browser. Upon clicking the extension, you will have the following menu

  • Visible part of page – to screenshot the current window of web page
  • Capture Fragment – to screenshot the particular fragment of web page
  • Selected area – to screenshot the particular area of web page
  • Selected & scroll – to screenshot the entire page in your desired fragment
  • Entire page – to screenshot the entire web page
  • Delayed screen – to delay the screenshots up to three seconds
  • Desktop screenshot – to screenshot another app window
  • Blank screen – to load an empty Nimbus image editor
  • Record video – to record your screen (Tab, desktop and webcam)
How to use Nimbus Screenshot

Taking screenshots:

Click the extension and select your screenshot preferred mode. Upon selecting your preferred area, select the checkmark (✓) symbol located below. Select your desired location and save the screenshot.

Taking Screenshot

If you have selected the entire web page option, Nimbus will capture the entire web page automatically. Here, the screenshot will open on the online Nimbus image editor. Make changes to your screenshot and then select Done. Now, the editor will present options to save screenshots locally or send the images to cloud storage.

To take screenshots other apps, choose Desktop screenshot. Under the Application Window section, select the app that you want and click Share.

Share your Screen

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Recording screen:

In terms of recording, you can record things happening on your browser screen, webcam, and desktop. Click the extension and then select Record Video. Customize the settings like recording mic sound, adding a watermark (only on the premium version), changing video quality, recording webcam, and a few more.

Finally, click START RECORD and record your browser or the app that you want. Once recorded, click Stop Sharing, and the video will open on the Nimbus page automatically. From there, you can store the video locally or upload it to the cloud for future access.

Record Screen

To sum up, the Nimbus Screenshot may look like a great option to capture or record the entire web page on browsers. But, those features are freely available on some of the Snipping tool alternatives. Apart from browsers, those tools provide enhanced features to screenshot and record app windows.