PicPick is a dedicated Windows app to capture and modify screenshots. There are several tools available in PicPick, and we think it will be useful to normal computer users, graphic designers, software developers, and web designers. PicPick presents highly customized settings, hotkeys, file naming, picture quality, and many more features to fit everyone’s needs. Let’s discuss whether PicPick is worth enough to replace Snip & Sketch or Snipping Tool on Windows.

Price and Download

PicPick tool is completely free to download and use on Windows computers. However, it also offers a premium version to unlock some of the advanced features. The commercial version is available in three different variants:

Single$29.99 (2 machines/user)
Team1 – 4 users – $29.99/user
5 – 9 users – $24.99/user
10 – 24 users – $99.99/user
25 – 99 users – $16.99/user
100+ users – $13.99/user
Site$1950 (Unlimited machines)

You can get the license key for PicPick right from its official website. Also, download the installer file right from there. Once downloaded, install it just like other Windows apps. In terms of compatibility, PicPick is only available for Windows platforms. Hence, Mac users need to look for other tools like Snagit and Lightshot.

Apart from the standard version, you can also download a portable version of PicPick from their site.


Different screenshot modes – PicPick supports taking a screenshot in different modes: full-screen, active-window, scrolling window, specified region, fixed region, and freehand.

Save the screenshot as PDF – One of the significant highlights of PicPick is that you can save screenshots in PDF format.

Image editor – Enhance your screenshot with the built-in image editor. It has various editing tools like text, crop, shapes, invert, rotate, blur, watermark, brightness, arrow, lines, etc.

PicPick image editor

Cloud storage support – After taking screenshots, you can save them locally on your device or send them to various cloud services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, FTP servers, and Google Drive.

Copy to clipboard – With a single tap, you can copy the screenshot to the clipboard and then paste it (CTRL + V) anywhere on your Windows.

Edit local images – Apart from screenshots, you can also use the PicPick editor to customize the images that you stored locally.

Send screenshots to social media: PicPick supports sharing a screenshot on various social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. You can also share the screenshots via email.

Other Features of PicPick

Apart from taking screenshots, PicPick also presents a few graphic accessories

  • Color picker – Find the color code for the things displayed on your screen.
  • Color palette – Find the exact pixel code for the color that you want.
  • Magnifier – Zoom the crucial things on your screen and view them in a larger size.
  • Pixel ruler – Measure the size of virtual objects or things appearing on your Window.
  • Crosshair – Helps you to find relative co-ordinates.
  • Protractor – Helps you to find the angles.
  • Whiteboard – Opens a virtual whiteboard on your screen.
graphic accessories

How to Use PicPick

PicPick works just like screenshot tools. You can use either shortcut keys and the PicPick capture window (available on the toolbar) to take screenshots.

Active WindowAlt + PrintScreen
Window controlCtrl + PrintScreen
Scrolling WindowCtrl + Alt + PrintScreen
Specified regionShift + PrintScreen
Fixed regionShift + Ctrl + PrintScreen
FreehandShift + Ctrl + Alt + PrintScreen

These hotkeys can be customized by navigating to PicPick (located in Windows toolbar) > Program options > Hotkeys. Use the above-mentioned shortcuts to capture your region and by default, the screenshot will open on the editor.

How to use picpick

The interface of the editor may look similar to Microsoft Word. Use the tools available on the editor to enhance your screenshot and save it locally on your Windows by pressing CTRL + S. PicPick supports only five image formats: PNG, BMP, JPG/JPEG, GIF, and PDF.

If you’re taking a scrolling window, press the respective shortcut key and highlight the area that you want to capture. Once selected, press the left click, and the app will automatically scroll through the entire web page or document. If you’re going to stop the capturing in between, press the ESC key.

Change Output Type

Changing the output type is another feature that we are impressed with. Instead of opening screenshots on the image editor, you can configure PicPick to

  • Save screenshots locally.
  • Copy the screenshot to the clipboard.
  • Print the screenshot.
  • Upload a screenshot to the web and get an URL.
  • Send the screenshot to cloud service, Facebook, Twitter, FTP server, and Skype.
  • Open screenshot on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Windows apps.

To change the output type: go to Program Options > select Capture > under the Output type section, select your preferred option.

Change the output type

Closing Words

If you’re searching for a screenshot & editor with a simple interface, PicPick is the ideal one. For business purposes, either you need to unlock the premium version or download other alternatives like Screenpresso. As it was available as freeware for personal use, there are no downsides to give this program a try.