Screenpresso is a feature-rich and powerful tool that you can use to take screenshots and record important things on your screen. It possesses a lot of advanced features to replace the built-in snipping tool. You can use this tool to capture the entire or specific region of a screen. It also features an auto-scroll feature to screenshot a long webpage. Moreover, it comes with an advanced built-in image editor with different shapes and tools to annotate the screenshot. The screenshots and recordings can be shared through different platforms or mediums.

Supported Devices and Price

The only drawback with Screenpresso is the lack of support for macOS and smartphone platforms. Currently, Screenpresso is only available for Windows computers. The dedicated app can be downloaded officially from the official website of Screenpresso ( On PC’s and laptops, you can download this tool as an extension on the Chrome browser.

In terms of pricing, Screenpresso is available in three forms: Free, Pro, and Enterprise. The pro version costs $29.99/user, and the enterprise version costs $2,190/unlimited users. The free version is more than handy to take screenshots and record screen. However, the premium version is essential when you want additional features like HD video capture, Android capture, document generator, and more.

Screenpresso price

How to take screenshots using Screenpresso

Once you have installed Screenpresso, it will use the default shortcut key of Print Screen. You can customize it in the settings. Simply press the Print Scr key and use the cross-hair to select the area that you want to capture. Once you selected the area, Screenpresso will open up a workspace on the bottom right corner of the screen. Double the thumbnail to open the image on the editor.

Take Screenshots using Screenpresso

Use the provided editing tools to customize the image and save it on your device. You can save the image in five different forms: PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF.

Take Screenshots using Screenpresso

To take other forms of screenshots, click the Screenpresso icon on your Windows toolbar.

Take Screenshots using Screenpresso

Select the Capture menu and click the drop-down icon located next to the Screenshot region.

Take Screenshots using Screenpresso

It will display the following modes:

  • Screenshot region – to capture a particular region
  • Screenshot previous region – to capture the previous region
  • Screenshot full screen – to capture the entire screen
  • Delayed screenshot – to delay your screenshot for 3 seconds
  • Screenshot using autoscroll – to capture a long document or web page

NOTE: Upon installing the Screenpresso tool, you can see a capture bar at the top of the display. By placing your cursor over the bar, it will display options to record screen and take screenshots.


How to share Screenshots

You can share your screenshots directly from the Screenpresso app, which appears at the bottom right corner of the screen. On the Screenpresso app, select the image that you want to share and click the Publish icon.

Share Screenshots

It will display different sharing options:

  • Share with 1 click on Internet (ScreenpressoCloud)
  • Send by e-mail
  • Send to Drive
  • Send to Dropbox
  • Send to OneDrive

Select the option you want and share your screenshot with ease.

Share Screenshots

Tools in Screenpresso image editor

The built-in image editor presents various tools to customize the screenshot. The editor displays two different sections on its main screen: Main and Image. Under the Main section, you can find the following tools

  • Copy & exit – copy the image to the clipboard before exiting the editor
  • Save as – save the screenshot locally on your device
  • Print – print the screenshot
  • Properties – give a title and description on the image
  • Copy – copy the image to the clipboard
  • Undo – revert the changes
  • Editing tools – Arrow, rectangle, add a text box, add text in a bubble, add a number, highlight, ellipse, polygon, draw freehand, blur a region, add image, magnifying glass, and brace.
Screenpresso image editor

Under the Image section, you can find options like Copy & exit, crop, cut out, resize, canvas size, and border.

Screenpresso image editor

Screenpresso chrome extension

We are very impressed with the Screenpresso chrome extension. By tapping on the extension, you can capture the entire web page on Chrome. You can download this extension officially from the Chrome store. Once you downloaded the extension, right-click it, select the options, and enable permission to take a screenshot on all sites.

How to record screen using Screenpresso

As we mentioned earlier, apart from taking screenshots, you can also use Screenpresso to record the screen. To get started, launch the Screenpresso app from the toolbar > select the capture menu and click the drop-down icon located next to the Record video. Select Record video to record the entire screen or Record video region to record a particular region of the screen.

Record screen

Select your video quality and click the red-colored icon to start the recording. Simply, press the Print Screen key to stop recording the video. Screenpresso may ask you to download external software to convert your video files.

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Our Thoughts

Based on our test, we highly recommend that all kinds of users can download this tool to take screenshots and screen record. It provides all kinds of features that you can rely on for both personal and professional use. Try this software on your Windows computer and share your feedback below.