Screenshot Captor was designed to take screenshots on Windows with minimal effort. Most of the users are loving this tool because of its fast capturing ability and lightweight nature. It can grab the entire screen, specific region, or a particular window. It also helps you to combine two screenshots captured on the scrolling window. Even though the developer asks to donate an amount, Screenshot Captor is entirely free to use. It hosts all kinds of features that you can find on premium tools like Snagit. Like other tools, it takes control of the PrtScr button and presents a straightforward way to take the screenshots.

Significance of Screenshot Captor

Here are some major advantages of having Screenshot Captor

  • Take an unlimited number of screenshots without any intervention or limitation.
  • It has a built-in uploader to view all the screenshots that you have taken.
  • Use shortcut keys to take screenshots easily.
  • You can black out the information like password, username, profile picture, email id, and more on your screenshot.
  • Upload screenshots directly to cloud storage or email them to your friends or co-workers.
  • Features a lot of capturing mode, including Multiple Monitors mode. At the same time, there are hotkeys assigned for each mode.
  • Take screenshots from your webcam and customize them with few editing tools.
  • Add a watermark to your screenshots.
  • Add arrows and text boxes on your screenshots to highlight the important things or points.
  • Presents quick-capture docking bar to take screenshots quickly.
  • Print your screenshots directly from the app.

Download and Use Screenshot Captor on Windows

Head to the official website of Screenshot Captor and download the installer file for your Windows. Once downloaded, install them just like other apps. While installing the app, you may be prompted to enter a license key. By signing up for their forum account, you will get a license key valid for six months. After 12 months of usage, you can get lifetime code.

As we said earlier, Screenshot Captor will use the Print Screen key. Here are the shortcut keys assigned for particular mode:

  • Current screen – PrtScr
  • Active window – Alt + PrtScr
  • Selected region – Shift + PrtScr
  • Fixed size region – Ctrl + Alt + PrtScr
  • Scrolling window – Ctrl + Shift + PrtScr

By using these shortcuts or quick-capture docking bar, capture your screen according to your preference. Once taken, the screenshot will open the Screenshot Captor app, where you can preview it. If you’re happy with the screenshot, you can edit, save, print, email, or send it to cloud storage. If you’re not satisfied, close the tab and take the screenshot.

Take Screenshot

NOTE – Use the cross-hair to take the screenshots accurately.

All the screenshots that you take will appear on the left-side panel. By tapping on it, the editing tools will appear on the right-side. Make changes to your image with tools like resize, shrink, crop, blur, shadow, border, etc. You can also create a thumbnail for your image in a single click.

How to use Screenshot Captor

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Once you edited the image, press CTRL + E and Screenshot Captor will present several formats (JPG, GIF, TIF, PCX, PNG, BMP, TGA, PXM, PPM, PGM, JP2, J2K, DCX, and pdf) to store. Select your preferred format and save the image on your device.

How to use Screenshot Captor

Is it Worth Trying?

Definitely, Yes. You must try Screenshot Captor on your Windows. It is a perfect tool for the people who want to simplest screenshots quickly and easily. But, the users who are looking for a screenshot app with intuitive UI and advanced editing options must look for other options.