ShareX is an open-source and free tool to capture or record any part of your Windows screen. From Dropbox to Amazon S3, you can upload screenshots up to 80 destinations in a single click. Despite being a free application, it allows the user to record unlimited videos. Moreover, ShareX is one of the few screenshot tools which comes with a Scrolling capture feature. It helps you take a screenshot of a long document or web page on your computer with ease. You can configure the ShareX app to perform different capture and upload tasks every time you capture a screenshot.

ShareX Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows users can download ShareX from its official site ( or Microsoft Store. Once you downloaded the software, you can use the below shortcuts to take screenshots and record videos:

  • Ctrl + Print Screen – to capture a particular region of the screen
  • Print Screen – to capture the entire screen
  • Alt + Print Screen – to capture the active window
  • Shift + Print Screen – to start/stop screen recording of a particular region
  • Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen – to start/stop screen recording of the entire screen
how to use sharex screen recorder

To customize the shortcuts, right-click the ShareX on your desktop toolbar and select the Hotkey settings.

how to use sharex

Change the hotkeys according to your wish. ShareX also provides an option to assign a hotkey for new tasks. Just tap the Add menu on the top left corner, select a task, and assign the hotkey. As it doesn’t provide shortcuts for features like scrolling capture, make use of this setting to take screenshots quickly.

How to use ShareX

Upon downloading the ShareX tool, you can use the above-mentioned shortcuts to take screenshots and record screens. For example, press Ctrl + Print Screen keys on your keyboard and then use a mouse or touchpad to select the region that you want to capture.

By default, ShareX doesn’t let the users share the screenshots locally. Instead, it presents an URL that you can open on your browser to save the image. To save your images to the device automatically, right-click the ShareX icon and select the menu, which is labeled as After capture tasks. Ensure that “Save image to file as…” menu was selected. By enabling that, you can save the screenshots locally on your preferred location and format.

how to use sharex

To capture different modes of screenshots, right-click the ShareX icon and select the Capture menu. You will see the following options:

  • Fullscreen
  • Window
  • Monitor
  • Region
  • Region (light)
  • Region (Transparent)
  • Last region
  • Screen recording
  • Screen recording (GIF)
  • Scrolling capture
  • Text capture (OCR)
  • Auto capture
  • Show cursor
  • Screenshot delay (up to 5 seconds)
Screenshot modes

In terms of screen recording, simply press Shift + Print Screen (record specific region) or Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen (to record entire screen) keys and select the region you want. Upon selecting the region, it will start to record your desktop. To stop the recording, simply press the Stop button or use the same shortcuts that you used to start recording.

record screen using Sharex

Change the default location to store images

By default, ShareX will store all your screenshots and recording in C:/Admin/Users/Documents/ShareX/Screenshots. You can change the default location by going

Step 1: Right-click the ShareX icon on your toolbar and select the Application settings menu.

Step 2: Select the paths menu from the left-side menu panel.

Step 3: Tap the Browse menu located next to ShareX personal folder and select your destination.

change default location

Final Words

ShareX is an ideal screenshot and screen recorder tool for advanced users. Beginners may find it hard to use the app as it comes with too many settings. For those users, we recommend trying Snagit or Screenpresso. Any thoughts or queries to share about the screenshot tool, use the below comment section.