Snagit is a popular tool for taking a screenshot and recording important things (both audio and video) on your screen. It also functions as a powerful image and video editing tool. The application grabs your entire desktop screen, a window, a region, or a scrolling window on a web page or app. More than a screenshot tool, Snagit is reliable to capture the process quickly and create visual how-to tutorials, guides, and documentation. It lets you edit your screenshots with different tools like numbers, callouts, arrows, shapes, and many more. If you’re a new user to Snagit, here is the guide to show how to take screenshots and record screen using Snagit.

Snagit supported devices – Price

When it comes to compatibility, Snagit supports only Windows and macOS devices. Unlike Lightshot, it lacks support for Android and iOS platforms. Also, you can’t find the extension support for web browsers. Both Mac & Windows users can download the installer file directly from the official download page of Snagit.

On the pricing front, Snagit is available in two forms: free (trial version) and paid version. Here is the table to list out the pricing plans of Snagit:

5-9 licenses$39.46/each
10-24 licenses$34.96/each
25-99 licenses$29.97/each
100-249 licenses$24.97/each
250+ licensesContact customer support

How to take screenshots quickly using Snagit

The procedure to take screenshots remains the same for both Windows and macOS devices. Upon launching the app, Snagit displays three different modes of the screenshot: All-in-one, Image, and Video.

Take Screenshots using Snagit

To capture the screen, select the Image section, and ensure that the following menus are turned on:

  • Preview in Editor
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Capture Cursor
Take Screenshots

Once enabled, tap the red-colored icon and use your mouse or trackpad to select the area that you want to capture. The magnifier helps you to get better accuracy on your screenshots. You can make adjustments to the screenshots by using the handles that appeared on the image preview. When you’re satisfied with the selection, click the Image icon located below the screenshot.

Take Screenshots using Snagit

Since you have enabled the editor, the screenshot will open on the editor automatically. Use the editor to customize your screenshot. It offers different editing tools like Arrow, Text, Callout, Shape, Stamp, Fill, Move, and Magic Wand.

Take Screenshots

Once edited, you can save the screenshot locally on your device by clicking the Share option on the top right corner and then select the File option. Snagit also provides options to send captures to different services like OneDrive, MS Office apps, Google Drive, Dropbox, TechSmith Relay, Camtasia, and many more.

Take Screenshots using Snagit

How to take scrolling capture using Snagit

The Scrolling capture on Snagit helps you to capture full web-pages and long documents with ease. Launch the app and select the All-in-one tab. Once selected, tap the red-colored capture button. Now, move cross-hair to the Window that you want to capture. You can see the arrow’s on the sides of the selected screen. Each arrow will indicate a different direction.

Select the arrow that you want for scrolling capture. For example, click the arrow indicating downside for vertical scrolling or right side arrow for horizontal scrolling.

Snagit - Scrolling Capture

Now, scroll the window in the selected direction. Once completed, the long screenshot will open on the editor automatically. Since you have taken the screenshot of a long web page or document, click the zoom icon and increase the size to view everything in detail. Make your changes to the screenshot and save it on your device.

Snagit - Scrolling Capture

How to take panoramic capture using Snagit

Panoramic capture is another interesting feature to capture long documents or web-pages. Unlike the scrolling capture, panoramic mode lets you select the desired portion of web-pages or documents. With this feature’s help, you can avoid unwanted portions like scroll bars, URL bar, and more. To get started, launch Snagit and tap the Image section. Make a click on the capture button and select the area that you want.

Snagit - Panoramic Capture

Now, click the Panoramic icon located next to the Camera icon. Select the Start button and scroll down the web page or document.

Panoramic Capture

While using this mode, you need to scroll the screen steadily to get better results.

Once you captured the required entire screen, click the Stop icon. Snagit will process and open the image on the editor.

Panoramic Capture

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How to record screen using Snagit

As we said earlier, apart from taking screenshots, Snagit also provides features to record important things on your Windows or Mac.

Step 1: Launch the app and click on the Video section.

Step 2: If you want Snagit to record your microphone or system audio, ensure that the appropriate menu is turned on. You can also turn on capture cursor to record videos with the cursor, and a webcam to capture the outside things.

Step 3: Now, tap the Capture button and use the cross-hair to select the area that you want.

Record Screen using Snagit

Step 4: Select the Record button to start recording.

Record Screen using Snagit

Step 5: After count down, Snagit will record everything on the selected area, including the audio (if enabled).

Step 6: Click the blue-colored Stop button to stop the recording.

Record Screen

Step 7: The recorded video will open on the Snagit editor.

Step 8: Make changes to the video and save it on your device.

Wrapping Up

Snagit is a recommended tool to create high-quality and professional screenshots. The major drawback with Snagit is, it may be an expensive one for some users. At the same time, the built-in editor lacks some of the advanced video editing tools. Try this software on your Windows or Mac device and share your feedback with us.