There are different ways available to take screenshots on Windows. Either you can use Snipping Tool or download third-party screenshots tools. As the built-in Snipping tool lacks some of the advance options, users are looking for third-party tools. Among them, SnapCrab is one of the free and lightweight to snip the Windows screen. The application is straightforward to use and fully compatible with social networks. One of the important things about SnapCrab is that you can preview the screenshot while capturing them. Let’s learn more about the tool in detail.

Highlights of SnapCrab

The advantages of installing SnapCrab on your Windows computer are:

  • Snip the entire area or particular area of the Windows screen.
  • By configuring your Twitter login credentials, you can tweet the screenshots directly from the SnapCrab app.
  • Save the entire or displayed area of the web page as an image with a single click. For Windows 3.8.3 and later, you need to download Sleipnir 3 for web page capture.
  • Apart from Twitter, you can also post your Screenshot on Facebook and Flickr.
  • SnapCrab also supports saving your screenshot on Evernote, a popular note-taking service.
  • Save your screenshot automatically in your preferred format (PNG, JPEG, or GIF format). By default, SnapCrab will store the images in PNG format.
  • SnapCrab also has a color picker tool that you can use to determine the RGB color code for any color displayed on the Windows screen.

SnapCrab App

As we said earlier, the SnapCrab tool is only available for the Windows version. In terms of Windows computers, it is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Head to the official website of SnapCrab and download it on your Windows computer, just like other tools.

System Tray

After downloading the tool, it will display a small and simple tray to access all the features. Here are the things available on that tray:

  • Capture window (ALT + Print Screen)
  • Capture top-level window
  • Capture whole desktop (Print Screen)
  • Capture selected area
  • Post screenshots on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or save it to Evernote
  • Color picker tool
  • Capture web page
  • Settings
  • Close

Under the settings section, you can find options to change the background color, default storage location, image output format, enable/disable hotkeys, include/remove mouse cursor, etc.

How to Use SnapCrab app

To snip the particular area, choose the Capture selected area and select the portion you want. Upon choosing the portion, click the image icon on the bottom right corner to store the screenshot on your device.

Take Screenshots

If you have selected the web page capture mode, the web page will automatically open on the Sleipnir. Again, click the web page icon and select whether you want to capture the displayed area or the entire page.

How to Use SnapCrab app

Assign a Hotkey

By default, SnapCrab will assign a shortcut key to capture the active window, entire screen, and web pages. But, you can assign hotkeys to capture selected area, post screenshots on social media, get color code, and few more functions.

1. On the system tray, click the Settings icon.

2. Select the Details option.

3. Under the Hotkey section, select the function and assign a shortcut key according to your preference. You can also customize the pre-configured hotkeys.

4. Click OK to save the images.

How to Use SnapCrab app

To change the default storage location, file name, and image format, tap the Save section, and made your changes.

How to Use SnapCrab app

Final Words

Like Lightscreen and Snipaste, SnapCrab is ideal for basic screenshot options. The lack of an image editor and several image formats makes it not ideal for advanced users. Even you can’t copy the screenshot to the clipboard with SnapCrab. If you want a simple screenshot tool, download SnapCrab and submit your review below.