Everyone knows all the Windows computers have a built-in Snipping Tool to take screenshots. Launched in 2002, the tool was available for all Windows versions, including Vista. In October 2018, Microsoft has stopped developing Snipping Tool and launched a new screenshot tool named Snip & Sketch. It lets you take, annotate, share and print Screenshots on your device. Like the Snipping Tool, it is a pre-installed tool, but only on Windows 10 computers. Other version users can’t access this tool. If you can’t see the tool on your Windows 10 computer, download it officially from the Microsoft Store.

Snip & Sketch

Snip & Sketch vs Snipping Tool

On function-wise, Snip and Sketch look similar to Snipping Tool. However, the delay function on Snip & Sketch includes only two options: three and ten seconds. Generally, the delay function is very essential to snip the windows which show context menus. In terms of compatibility, Snip & Sketch is only available for Windows 10, whereas the Snipping Tool is available for all Windows versions.

Snipping Tool

When it comes to marking tools, Snipping Tool is restrictive and presents only pen and highlighter with limited colors. On Snip and Sketch, you will get a pencil, highlighter, pen, and supports different colors to all the modes. Unlike the Snipping Tool, you don’t need to hit the Start menu to launch the Snip and Sketch tool. You can launch it by simply using the shortcut: SHIFT + WIN + S.

While comparing the user interface, Snip and Sketch offer a modern design with a new screenshot option on the left side, editing options in the center, and sharing options on the right side.

How to Use Snip and Sketch

First of all, you have to know all the possible ways to launch the app. You can launch it by

  1. Using shortcut keys: WIN + SHIFT + S.
  2. Click the Start menu, type Snip and Sketch, and launch the app.
  3. Open the control center (WIN + A) and tap Screen Snip.

Upon launching the app, select the screenshot mode that you want. The options will appear on the top of the screen.

  • Rectangular Snip
  • Freeform Snip
  • Window Snip and
  • Full-screen Snip

Choose the mode that you want and select the area of the screen. If you have chosen windows or fullscreen option, the app will take the screenshot automatically. After taking the screenshot, the app will prompt you with a notification to open the image. By clicking the notification, the image will open with different tools like pen, pencil, and highlighter. Annotate the screenshot according to your convenience and save the image to your device by tapping the Save icon.

To share the image, click the Share icon and select the sharing medium that you want. To print the image, press CTRL + P and choose your printer.

Enable Print Screen Button to Use Snip and Sketch

You can also configure the computer to use Print Screen as a shortcut key for the Snip and Sketch app.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your Windows 10 computer and select the Ease of Access menu.

Step 2: Select the Keyboard menu on the left side menu panel.

Step 3: Navigate to Print Screen shortcut menu and slide the toggle located below Use the PrtScn button to open screen snipping.

Enable Print Screen

After enabling that, you can use the Print Screen key on your keyboard to launch the app.

Final Words

Snip & Sketch may not be ideal for users searching for a screenshot tool with advanced editing options. Moreover, it is only available for Windows 10 version. Other version users must look for alternatives. But, it is more than enough to take and share basic screenshots on your Windows 10 computer.