TinyTake is a screen capture and screen recorder for Windows and Mac users. Whether you want to create a software tutorial, presentation, and take simple screenshots, TinyTake presents all the features to fulfill your requirements. Apart from capturing screenshots, it also presents options to add annotations to the images. The videos that you recorded on TinyTake can be uploaded to YouTube or cloud-storage directly. It also comes with 2 GB of cloud storage and an online web gallery to save & view your clippings and images. You can increase the online storage capacity up to 1 TB by purchasing the premium ones. With Windows computers having a built-in Snipping Tool for screenshots, is TinyTake worth trying? Let’s find out the answer.

Price and Comparison

TinyTake is available in four forms: Free, Standard, Plus, and Jumbo. The features will vary depending on the subscription that you purchased.

FeaturesFreeStandard ($29.95/year)Plus ($59.95/year)Jumbo ($99.95/year)
Recording limit (in mins)5153060
Cloud storage2 GB20 GB200 GB1 TB
Online web gallery
AdsWith adsNo adsNo adsNo ads
YouTube integration
Adding annotations on the video
24/7 Email support
Online live chat

As you can see, the features like YouTube integration, customer support, and adding annotations are available only in the higher version. Even you can’t access these features on other premium versions.

How to Use TinyTake

Using TinyTake doesn’t require rocket science. Just head to TinyTake’s official website and download the installer file. Once downloaded, install it just like other apps. Upon launching, TinyTake will prompt you to sign in to your account. If you have already created a TinyTake user account, enter the credentials (Email ID & Password) and tap Login.

setup TinyTake

If you don’t have an account, click Create an account and follow the on-screen instructions. After signing in, click the green-colored Capture button. It will display different options to take screenshots and record screen.

how to use TinyTake

Choose the mode that you want and capture the area that you want. Like most of the screenshot tools, the image will open on the editor automatically. From there, you can add shapes, annotations, effects, text, and colors. You can change the format of the text according to your convenience.

After applying the changes, you can select

  • Quick save (online) – The screenshot will be stored online without any confirmation.
  • Save as (online) – Before saving the image online, enter a name and tag for your screenshot. It will help you to search & find the screenshot easily.
  • Save locally – Save the image locally on your device (PNG, JPG, GIF, & BMP).
  • Copy to clipboard – Copy the screenshot to the clipboard and paste anywhere on your computer.
  • Email – Send your screenshot via Email as an attachment or link.
  • Print – Send the screenshot to your printer.
take screenshot using TinyTake

When it comes to screen recording, click the Capture icon, and select the Capture Video menu. After selecting the area, You can choose to include system audio and microphone audio while recording. Finally, click Start Recording.

record screen using TinyTake

To pause the recording, click the Pause menu or click Finish once your recording was completed. Just like screenshots, the video will open on the editor along with editing options (only on the Jumbo version). At last, save the video locally or online according to your choice. On the TinyTake app’s main screen, you can find all the screenshots and the videos that you recorded.

record screen using TinyTake

To upload the videos on your YouTube page, click the YouTube section and login with your account. Once logged in, you can upload your videos directly on your page without opening the YouTube app or website. But, the feature is only available on the premium versions.

Is it worth to purchase TinyTake?

The answer is very simple. If you’re a basic user and want to take screenshots & record videos (within 5 minutes), you can install the free version of TinyTake. If you decided to purchase the premium version, there are many premium screenshot tools available at a lesser rate. At the same time, video editing features are available on the Jumbo version. Hence, it is advisable to try tools like Nimbus Screenshot or Snagit when you want to invest money for screenshots.